Ulu Poultry Exports Chicken Worldwide

As Ulu Poultry, we have been in the chicken sector for many years and play a leading role in chicken exports worldwide. We work diligently to provide high-quality chicken products to our customers and meet quality standards at every stage. With our export activities, we aim to have a global impact in the chicken sector by reaching more countries.

Product Variety and Quality Control

We have a wide range of products in chicken export. We offer fresh chicken meat, frozen chicken parts, processed chicken products and more to our customers. We implement a strong quality control process in modern production facilities to ensure the quality of our products. We produce in accordance with international standards and show the highest level of sensitivity about food safety.

Export Strategy and Targets

As Ulu Poultry, we are constantly developing our export strategy and aiming to grow. Currently, we are exporting our chicken products to more than 30 countries and we are continuing our efforts to increase this number. Focusing especially on the Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Gulf countries Sundays, we aim to meet the regional demands and provide the best service to our customers.

Reliable Logistics Network and Delivery

We have an extensive logistics network to deliver our products to our customers on time and reliably. Our export process includes the stages of product preparation, packaging, transportation organization, starting from the receipt of the order, and finally delivery to the customer. Our logistics team consists of professional and experienced employees and ensures customer satisfaction by working carefully at every step.

References and Customer Satisfaction

We would like to proudly state that customer satisfaction is one of the most important priorities for us. The positive feedback from our customers with whom we have previously cooperated shows how high our quality and service are. Our customer testimonials prove the reliability of Ulu Poultry and our ability to establish long-term business relationships.

Communication and Export Requests

If you are interested in chicken products or would like to cooperate, we are looking forward to contacting you. For your export requests, questions or opinions, you can contact us using any of the following contact information:

As Ulu Poultry, we are proud to offer the best service in terms of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in chicken exports. We will continue to continue our efforts to maintain our leadership in the sector and to grow further.